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Josh Fleenor is an InterNACHI  member and Certified Professional Home Inspector fully insured by Elite Inspect Insure. While working as a mechanic, aviation mechanic in the U.S. Navy and as a Law Enforcement Officer, Josh has honed his attention to detail  with an investigative mindset.  Sentry Home Inspection Services strives to administer great customer service all the while providing sound inspection services, giving you peace of mind during the buying process. 

InterNACHI Member Number : 20020914



When buying a home or commercial property, security and safety to your investment matter the most. There should be a reliability in knowing that the Inspector works for you. Choosing the right inspection company gives you peace of mind and solid ground to stand on. Sentry Home Inspection offers both. With a buy-back guarantee, you can believe in the property's ability to be the right fit for your future.


While you get your property ready to list, having a Licensed Inspector do a walk-through inspection can be key. Security comes to you, because you know that your property is ready to go, taking future aggravation out of the sale. Selling a property, whether it be a home or commercial property, can be stressful. Sentry Home Inspection, gives you an expertise that securely gets your property 'sale ready'.



Home Inspections

Complete Home Inspections to offer reliable information to you and verify the security of your lender's investment

Radon Testing

Radon is a dangerous radioactive substance that is naturally released from the earth.  Prolonged exposure can lead to serious health problems.


Inspections for the home-owner that wants a faster sale or for the home owner that wants a 'fix it' list prior to listing their property


Josh Fleenor

Investigating on a Solid Commitment

Being born and raised in Hays, Kansas, I take great pride in my community. As so many new homes are being built, I can't help but love the old homes even more. With intriguing history and uncanny character, these homes are the epitome of being green. Reuse, recycle, and re-purpose speaks volumes in taking care of our world, and rehabbing an older home does just that. It takes a keen eye for detail and a love for structure to see what needs updated and what can be done. I have high respect when looking through older homes to find the details that you need to know about. Your dream is more than just a back yard barbecue; it is having a secure foundation to plant your feet on.

I am an InterNACHI member which means I am certified and insured. As a CPHI (Certified Professional Home Inspector), I have chosen this company because their education is top notch. InterNACHI is the world's leading association for home inspectors. With this certification, I am fully insured by Elite Inspect Insure.


Through my career as an aviation mechanic in the U.S. Navy and as a Law Enforcement Officer, I must maintain a skill set focusing on an attention to detail  and an investigative mindset. I leave no stone unturned to do everything possible to provide a broad range of items in your home inspection report while offering a fair and reasonable price.


Sentry Home Inspection Services strives to administer great customer service while providing sound inspection services and giving you peace of mind. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, Sentry Home Inspection Services is trustworthy, honest, and reliable.

InterNACHI Member Number : 20020914

As the communities around me grow and expand, I see amazing changes happening. It can be difficult to see through all of the beautiful landscape and gorgeous stone counters to know what's on your plate with your newly constructed home. With a reliable eye and an unwavering standard, I can assure that any new home inspection will look at the details even your dad might have missed. With new home construction costing more per square foot than most older homes, I know that providing sound home inspection services will give you peace of mind. When all the movers have left and the pizza boxes are piled up, you can rest assured that even your trash compactor won't throw a breaker.



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